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heiMAP is a Virtual Research Environment for the Humanities that facilitates collaborative work in spatio-temporal contexts. A WebGIS Application tailored to the requirements of the Humanities combined with extensive communication and user management capabilities offers a comfortable platform for research projects as well as individuals. Multifaceted alignment with international standards aids in the re-usability of data and results, and links with existing infrastructure at Heidelberg University allows citable online publication.
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WebApp is online

heiMAP webapplication is now available on more..

Erste Version der heiMAP Website online

Die erste Version der heiMAP Website ging Anfang Juni online. more..
The HGIS Club - Dirk Eller & Simon Grüning

The HGIS Club

Interdisziplinärer Arbeitskreis Historische Geografische Informationssysteme

Der Heidelberger "HGIS Club" als interdisziplinärer Arbeitskreis zwischen Geschichtswissenschaft, Geoinformatik, Archäologie prüft neue Erkennischancen auf dem Feld der Historischen Geografischen Informationssysteme (HGIS) und testet entsprechende Werkzeuge für die Digital Humanities and Digital Cultural Heritage. more..

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